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Business Profile of Firezza Pizza - Milton Keynes, 2 Benbow Court, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes, Shenley Church End. Here you will find detailed information about Firezza Pizza - Milton Keynes: postcode, address, phone number, fax, opening times, customer reviews, photos, videos, directions, map and more.


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2 Benbow Court
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes
Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes MK5 6JG
United Kingdom
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+44 1908 867019


Opening hours

Sunday 12:00pm — 11:00pm
Monday 05:00pm — 11:00pm
Tuesday 05:00pm — 11:00pm
Wednesday 05:00pm — 11:00pm
Thursday 05:00pm — 11:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm — 11:00pm

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